The (DDE) project is host to many different ideas around database technology. While the common sense of database technology is to store data we extend the idea of data storage to simplify data management. Supported by a small group of community members continuously works on its services and solutions. Always inspired by users and future users in inspiring talks from around the world.

We always publish under a dual licensing model, a GPL v3 and a commercial license for commercial use, the development of the DDE group is open to all community contributions in form of coding support, advices, inspiring talks, ideas, or simply a donation. Whenever you feel the inner buzz to develop database technology in one of the leading database systems please feel free to contact us as at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Joining the team will give you great Normal opportunity to develop code at the base of a database system.

While our main work focuses on the development of storage engines for MySQL we also create solutions that can be used as a standalone solution.


July 26th 2010: Tomas Karnagel received a grant from the Aligator Company to implement a server abstraction layer for the revision engine. With this layer we will be able to support different version combinations of MySQL and the revision engine with only minor modifications. You can read more about his project here

April 18th 2010: We are changing our project structure a bit. We now have a goolge group that you can reach here. Internally we have change from the classical SVN to GIT and will be integrating our projects into Launchpad. You can reach the Launchpad Project here

March 9th 2010: We have put our balls into the Google Summer Of Code Pot. If you are interested in participating you can review our proposed projects here. You may, of course, also suggest any taks you would like to complete.

October 16th 2009: We are happy to anounc the release of version v02. It contains bugfixes from version 0.1.

Junly 13th 2009: After a successful move to a new server we now have a discussion forum. In the next few weeks we will continuously be working on the revision engine and a few other projects. Stay tuned for upcoming releases and changes.

May 5th 2009:The presentation files from the MySQL Conference and Expo are now available for download in the download section

HatColorSoft provides support for all of our Projects.

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