By globalization the world moves a bit closer together. Except the IT. While large companies spread their manufacturing facilities across the world the databases that collect data for the manufacturing facilities are also spread across the world. Each facility typically collects data specific for it self. While the number of local databases grow the need of global reporting and global data exchange grows. Global networks may have a small number of development sites continuously improve the manufacturing process on the base of the data collected at the local sites. Data synchronization and replication is becoming a more complicated task with companies spreading in different countries. Multiple replication strategies, diversified replication schema and multiple database vendors.

The DDE-GAN storage engine optimizes data access over a Global Area Network (GAN). DDE-GAN is a cluster engine storing data not in a single location. The location of the data is based on statistical predictive methods to optimize the access time at the single nodes. Not every node contains the full data set of the tables. Only a small subset is managed by every node. By optimizing the location of the data sets within the complete cluster we minimize the communication costs overhead produced by intra node replication. With this model of distribution a global database with distributed nodes across the world can be set up.

The distribution of data within a GAN network have multiple facets. At first it lowers the total cost of ownership for the database systems. No global replication and synchronization setups are needed. Hence lowering the work hours for DBAs. Furthermore license and operation costs for an additional centralized database system are not needed if the system is deployed by DDE-GAN. Besides monetary effects deployment of DDE-GAN can also lower your risks in a risk assessments. The distribution of data in physically different locations secure the data from local environmental disasters.

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